Saturday, November 15, 2008

More wedding pics and a few thoughts

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I also forgot to mention a dream I had Thursday night. In the dream Laura, Dre and I were in the bedroom with Simon. Dre was holding Simon and in the dream he was dying. His breathing was getting slower and slower and finally it stopped. I went into the living room to tell my Mom and Stepdad and then went back into the bedroom. He sputtered, took a deep breath and clear as day said "Spinning Fishes". I couldn't believe that he had spoken so clearly and ran intot the living room to tell my Mom. She said, "Jaimer, I think that means it's not his time and he plans to stay." The spinning fishes in the dream were a reference to the message the Yoruba Priestess, Tisch, got in her communication with Simon a few posts ago. I woke up feeling very excited.

Also, we realized we ended up in bed 7 when we were moved back into the ICU and left that bed on the 7th. Tisch had talked about the power of the # 7 for Simon. Again, who knows about any of this, but it was interesting...

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Rebecca said...

Congratulations! Beautiful pictures of the ceremony and your family.