Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quote of the Day

Margaret, one of our nurses from the first few days in the ICU was working in the Annex today. She's been a nurse here for a long time and has actually trained some of our other nurses. She loves hanging with Mr Shimmy (even though she wasn't his nurse today) and was commenting on how far he's come. She was saying how he really is a miracle boy with everything that he's gone through. She also knows some of what I've gone through (with motorcycles and horses) and came up with a most unique title. She called me a Miracle Whore.

Let it sink in for a minute.

Miracle Whore. I like it.
It was on par with Sister Bernice (the Hospital Chaplain) coming by the other day (after Prop 8 passed and Shimmy got sick again just before we were supposed to go home). She came over as Simon and I were hanging on the chaise lounge (our fold out chair) and just looked at me and said "Dammit! Dammit to Hell." No 'hello', no 'how are you guys doing today' just that.

In other news Simon has cut two teeth now. The bottom two have busted through and he's deep into teething. He's also been happier than he's ever been and is clearly feeling good. It's a joy to see. He's more smiley and laughing at all sorts of different things. He's also doing an incredible job of getting himself to sleep in his crib. Most of the time.

This is Simon about 10 minutes into being quiet in his bed, looking over at me with a "I'm not asleep yet, I'm cute, but not asleep" glance.

His peripheral IV has lasted yet another day and they're still talking about sending us home Monday or Tuesday if it makes it till Sunday. I'm not talking to Simon about it.

We've contracted his feeds another 1/2 an hour and so far he hasn't thrown up. Yeee haw. We're at 2.5 hours on and 1.5 off. Today we went for a walk during one of his off times and it was amazing to just have him in the sling and be completely wireless. AND tonight's weight....7.14 kilos! That's 15.7 pounds. Back on the weight train. Yay!!

Love to all of you for keeping up with us (for 103 days!)

Oh yeah and here's the video of Simon after only being on IV fluids for 24 hours. I especially like the last few seconds where he's realized where the sweet taste is coming from.


Amy said...

oh my god - he actually gets cuter every day! i love the new picture & video!

going home on monday or tuesday!?! we are so glad for you all!

amy, jes & rosie

abby said...

oh crap, he has jaime's propensity for the sugarcrack!

love the teeth and the comb over.


auntie aap

Polly said...

Love your new name. It is perfect in so many ways.


Fresh Ground Knits said...

first thought "you like it if someone calls you any kind of whore!"

Ok, now, seriously, it makes sense.

I love you guys!