Monday, November 10, 2008

Off the bottle but someone found their tongue

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So Mr Man stopped taking the bottle but I'm not surprised. I think he just got so hungry coming off his infection and 24 hours of just IV fluids that he was acting on instinct alone. Now that he's back to feeling better (and boy is he feeling better- see pictures) he's more aware of the noodle in his nose and throat. I ain't bovered. We have time to work with him around that once we've really bulked him up and are home and can work with more than just gross tasting formula (that must really only remind him of puke since that would be the only time in his life that he's tasted it- remember that he hasn't taken anything by mouth in the last 9 weeks and so the only time that he would have had formula in there would have been when it was coming back up- real pleasant). He's still really interested in things oral (you'll see in the pictures) and yes, today he discovered his tongue and how it's actaully something that he has control over and is kind of fun to move around. It's toooo cute. He's seconds away from blowing his first razberry and I can't wait to see who it's directed at.

So we're off Milrinone, down to a more specific anti-biotic, back to building up to bolus vs continuous feeds, back to standing, getting to sleep on our (his) own, sitting up and playing again, and just generally getting cuter and more interesting with each passing day.

We're somewhere between 7 and 11 days away from going home depending on whether or not his PIV lasts or we need to put in a PICC line. If he's PIV lasts until Sunday they're ok with him just getting a 10 course of anti-biotics but if it collapses and they need to put in a PICC line then they're thinking that they might as well give him a full 14 days. I get it. I'm ok either way. It's a win win.
Simon's PICU "sister" Jasmine went home today (YAY!!!) and came by to say goodbye. Simon was thrilled to see her again but sad that he won't get to for a while. He fully intends on coming to one of her basketball games in the future and cheering the loudest as she scores with slam dunks.
Here are some pics of the Shimster in all his recovering glory
Lookin' Good Like A Strawberry Should
Forget the Formula I want ScharfenbergerI Love me some Jasmine- I'll drink from a Sippy cup for her anytime
I think that Jacuzzi's are great. Can Carol come home with us?


Fresh Ground Knits said...

go simon go!

Maia said...

I love his look of delighted skepticism as Carol provides the bubbles.

Anna B. said...

oh simon, how can you be so cute? go little man...almost there.

Tanner said...

Hey guys, my mom asked to read you blog since I talk about Baby Simon all the time & she wanted me to pass this on to you (from her email to me pasted below...)

yay baby Simon!!!

From: Junia Sigsworth
Date: Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 9:03 AM
Subject: Re: Baby Simon's Blog
To: Tanner

Ok. Tell them the first time I read the blog it brought tears to my eyes. I am hoping the little guy will be able to go home soon. Tell them also that I was born with a very rare disease that in 1949 no one knew anything about. Tell them my parents have always told me they spent an entire New Year's thinking I would die. All my blood vessels collapsed but one and I had to have a complete transfusion at the time too. I was less than one year old. I've heard that story from both my parents all my life - but I was a fighter like their little man. And I survived 59 years of not being sick until this year. I'm trying to tell them no matter how hard it is right now that things will get better...would you please pass that along to them?
There's an old southern saying that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Stay together, united and stronger. You're never given more than you can bear....and Sister Teresa took that one stop further by saying she just wished the Lord didn't trust her so much by giving her so much! Maybe they'll laugh over that....

Love, mom
Junie Sigsworth
"Do not follow a path; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jen said...

Please inform Simon that I want to EAT him.
Maya tells everyone she meets about "my Simon" and how he is in the hop-spit-al and he is better.
And how sweet is Junie??

Elizabeth Stark said...

Simon is so cute it's crazy!! What a photogenic little fellow, radiating love and joy--just like his moms.

Love the letter from Tanner's mom, too--so moving. I think of Simon writing a similarly encouraging missive to some parents 58 years hence in 2066!

Debra said...

Wow...he's really gotten some cheeks! It is so good see him looking better.