Thursday, November 13, 2008

By Sophie

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Sophie- my God Daughter and first cousin once removed wrote this for her "important person" essay at school. She's a very wise 12. Grab a hankie

My second cousin Simon Lev Fitch Jenett is one of the most important people in my life. Simon was born on April 9, 2008 at home to Laura, my godmother (and first cousin once removed) and her wife Jaime. This August, at the age four months, Simon’s breathing became shallow and rapid. His alarmed and anxious mothers took him to Children’s Hospital in Oakland where he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. Now, Simon is 6 months old and continues to stay at Children’s Hospital in the ICU (intensive care unit).
Even with his condition, Simon is a very chipper baby. I usually visit him once a week, often on Sundays, and every time I enter the ICU he looks up and grins at me and his big blue eyes brighten. It’s almost like he’s trying to tell me that he is all right. Simon is also a very curious baby. When I hold him, he usually explores my face and sticks his fingers in my mouth. One time, my friend Ellie Portnoy and I went to go visit Simon and Ellie gave him her favorite bear. Laura was showing him the bear and Simon leaned forward and tried to bite its nose off and hug it.
Simon has a major influence on my life as well as my family’s. My extended family has come from everywhere to visit him, which allows us all to spend more time together, though many times when I see my family, everybody is really depressed. As a result of Simon’s illness, I think more about how lucky I am to be alive and healthy. He teaches me to see the good in everything, I mean, he’s the most cheerful baby I know, especially if you look at his current state. Also, Simon teaches me to develop patience and not always rush things, to just enjoy them. Over all, Simon teaches me to appreciate every moment of my life.