Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Update

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For all you Microbiology nerds: Simon's 2 major bacteria in this last infection were Enterococcus faecalis and Enterobacter. Both are very common in the ICU. They're icky and glad they're being killed by all the antibiotics.

Speaking of antibiotics- Simon's IV conked out yesterday, on day 9 of 14 for his antibiotics and the Infectious Disease team made the (I think very wise) decision, to not put in another IV and instead do his antibiotics in a once a day Intramuscular injection. It hurts like hell for about 2 minutes but then it's over and we don't have to worry about another infection via a line in him. We're seriously looking at Friday for a departure date. Again, I'll believe it when I see it, but so far so good and we're reducing the ways Shimmy can catch cooties by keeping his skin mostly intact.

He's been a tiny bit more symptomatic in the last 24 hours (slight bump in heart rate and very light sweat a few times). We're not sure if it's just an off day, if they need to increase his meds or if it's something bigger. I (Jaime) choose to go with the "off day" theory.

Laura and Simon hung out in front of the hospital for the first time and *2* staff members who were driving by, off duty, pulled over and got out of their cars to say hi. One of them was our dear, sweet Thomas, our area custodian, who has been off with a back injury. We were afraid we'd go home before he came back- we were thrilled to see him and meet his wife in person. She was actually the one that spotted us, recognized us from the blog (that she's been following), and pulled them over.

Here are some cute pics from the last few days. Simon is loving his tongue, rocking the urban cowboy look, digging baths and strolling in a doll size stroller.


diana day said...

Good morning from New Mexico. I talked with my brother Larry Duran yesterday to check on baby Simon. Just wondering if you received the gifts I sent to Simon about three weeks ago. I mailed it priority mail with insurance. the post office said they had delivered it. Have you received it? Hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your adorable son.

Fresh Ground Knits said...

Oh yes, Enterrococcus faecalis was actually one of my unknowns for my micro lab!

hooray for Friday!