Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Laugh and whole world laughs with you

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Here is one of the very funniest videos of Simon ever. Check out the tongue!

Still looking at going home the end of the week. Still a little freaked out that Simon's heart rate is about 10-20 points higher than it has been. Still really ready to get out of the hospital. We've started Regalin to get his upchucking under control (he didn't gain any weight between Friday and Monday) and hopefully get him really stable and in a good place before Friday. Fingers crossed, prayers sent out, visions of Simon home. Please.


Rebecca said...

That video is so sweet. What a lovely little boy! You better watch out with that tongue; he just might whip it up and pull his NG tube out with it ;)

Prayers for continued improvements and full recovery.

josie said...

he's a wild man!!! holy moley.

Debra said...

He's looking very cute, chunky-cheeked and bright-eyed. Sending up prayers that the whole family is home for Thanksgiving.