Saturday, August 9, 2008

Up and Down

As Jaime said today had it's moment's. For the first 3/4 of the day it was really about feeling like I was going to lose my mind (seeing Simon with unadulterated fear in his eyes) but then we ended the day on a huge high note complete with photos. Check him out...

I think it all started with a little Pop Culture. (You need to click on this one to see his expression)

Then...tucked neatly into his bed, Shimmy enjoyed some lullabies from his Mama

Until finally he could repress it no longer....that smile!! The one that we'd been missing for the last week. It's back.
Granted it's well balanced with lots of other expressions letting us know how he's feeling about the needles and lines and poking and prodding but holy crap the smiles tonight were a huge gift. It's kinda like when he wasn't in the hospital and would take us right to the edge (with sleeping, baths, etc) and then throw us a bone. Big bone today :-D

Love to you all.


Anonymous said...

The hopes and prayers for Shimon Lev ben Leora
are going to work !!! These Good wishes for his complete recovery are coming from all across the world. Just tell his Fitch grandpa not to scare the little tyke just yet by singing too loudly to him.. soft, cute lullaby is more like it !
Shimmy's SMILE today (Aug 9-10) means he will live a Long and Happy life to share that grin with everyone !

Sending all our Love to all of you on the front lines...

carolynobr said...

Hey, I know that smile! He gave one like that to me a week or so ago. Naturally I assumed it was just gas and nothing to do with me, but man, if he can crank out a big one like that hooked up to all that bid'ness, that means he's really smiling! And, that means the one he cranked out for me must have been genuine too. Sigh . . . melt . . . that's good stuff. Thanks for posting that photo, you guys. That kid is one helluva trooper. Yo, Simon! Me next!! love, Carolyn