Friday, August 8, 2008

A new day, a new dawn

Short and sweet since I want to get back into the ICU.  Our amazing midwife and lactation specialist Amrit came by yesterday (she stayed for hours) and as usual worked some miracles.
Simon got on the breast last night (just for suckling while my breast milk went into his NG tube so that he didn't have to work so hard) and the little man just settled into a blissful state for about 15 minutes. They've upped his intake from 15cc's to 18cc's and then again this morning to 24cc's!! Yay breastmilk!!
This morning Simon got on the boob again and is now napping in his Mama's lap. Before falling asleep though he was giving both of us amazing eye contact and with just a little coaxing, gave both of us an incredibly familiar full face light up his eyes SMILE!!! We nearly burst from joy.
His echo cardiogram isn't looking that different but they said that's to be expected and that his other functions and demeanor are getting that much stronger is something to hold dearly on to.
The other amazing news is that they are thinking about moving him next door which although is still the ICU is called the Annex and is a small but definite step down in the care that he needs.
Jaime and I are well rested today and really feeling the 8/8/08 luckiness that's supposed to be in the air.
Rock on Little Man!!

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Annie said...

The Dougherty-Plemons household is so thrilled that simon is back on the good stuff! We can't wait to see him again and give you both and the little man big huge hugs and love!