Sunday, August 3, 2008

Simon Update (warning, graphic pictures)

Simon is stable.
His stats now are good. His pulse is now normal, about 120-140 (yesterday morning it was about 200), his respirations, with the ventilator, are about 25/minute which is the low end of normal (were at about 90 yesterday morning) and his bp is normal. He's got 13, count em, 13 lines attached to him.

He's going to stay intubated and sedated at least until tomorrow morning to give him time to rest. Tomorrow they'll assess and maybe begin the process of extubating. We're in no hurry b/c it's helping him gather his strength.

We think we're going to sleep at home tonight, at the very strong urging of his nurse, because once they stop sedating him, he'll know if we're there or not and we'll want to be there. We know that at some level he is aware right now of love coming his way, either through sound or touch, and so much appreciate the fact that with the overflowing of people showing up, he's not been alone for more than a few minutes since this whole thing started.

We've had the most incredible support. We had 12 people at the hospital today, which was amazing for us and annoying for the hospital staff :-) Visiting hours are 8am - 8 pm and we're going to have people hang in the cafeteria until they come up to see us (limit of 4 on the floor at a time).

If you're praying or visualizing, we asked the doctor what to think about. He said "getting the bad humors out of his heart". He also said that his heart is inflamed and exhausted, so send it cool and calm energy and strength. He must chill.

Trying to settle into some routine...

Here's some pics of Mr. Simon

His Pony and Zackies are providing warmth, smells of home & mommies for him all the time.

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