Thursday, August 7, 2008

Big Boy Bed

Well, Simon just graduated from a super high tech isolette bed to an actual crib. Doing much better. Had a good night. He's actually crying today which is sad a little, but a bit comforting b/c it's a normal response to what's happening. Yesterday he was just pretty quiet and looking around which was a little eerie.

On another fun note...

I just got off the phone with my insurance company. Evidently Children's Hospital Oakland is not contracted with John Muir, which would have given us 100% coverage. Instead, it's contracted with Beechstreet, which is a part of our insurance, which gives us 75% coverage. I just did the math. If this costs $1 million, which I'm guessing it easily will, that'$250,000 we would be paying. Uh, yeah. Not so much.

I'm praying that we can do what Laura did when she had her motorcycle accident. Her bill was $100,000 and they offered to give her ten cents on the dollar, so they only had to pay $10,000.

Simon is so going to a U.C. school. No private school unless he can write a kickass essay about this whole thing that will win him a full scholarship somewhere :-)

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