Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dr. Hunkypants

Oh, and this is his Cardiologist. Dr. Howard Rosenfeld (aka Dr. Hunkypants)
Not kidding. This is not a T.V. show.


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Add to the list of Simon Cheersquad my family here in NM. We keep checking daily, well a couple times a day, and are so so so happy that he is doing well. I'd email personally if I could figure out how...Yay for Shimmy!
Wowlvenn and Elka Rose, and clan

Maia said...

Yay Simon! and his mommies/as...
there are quite of few of my network who haven't even met him who have been rooting for him and you both. much love and healing thoughts heading your way.

and the doctor, what a handsome man...and he's JEWish! (you have to read that with my Grandma's accent for full effect)

Fresh Ground Knits said...

awesome, I'm glad to see you're being well taken care of!