Sunday, August 10, 2008

Simon Laughs!!

Simon had a pretty ok night last night. He had some trouble sleeping but was calm for most of the night. We think he’s really coming down off his drugs from the intubation and given the fact that they didn’t really wean him, it really was cold turkey for him. Friday was really rough, yesterday better and for most of today he was either sleeping or chillin’ in somebody’s arms. We’re really getting the transfer down so that moving from one person to another is not so traumatic. This means that he can spend most of the day being held. He’s getting better with his “recreational” time at the boob and I feel so great that he’s getting that time with me, plus some extra booby juice. I’m getting some skin to skin with him plus the prolactyn for keeping up my milk supply. Pumping sucks. Breastfeeding is wonderful. Pumping sucks.

Jaime has been getting some amazing smiles and this evening after Simon got dinner and transferred to Jaime’s lap we got a full on chuckle! Simon is loving his Mama right now.

We’re just trying to settle into some kind of long term rhythm as we come to the beginning of week 2. Certainly the first week was high energy and moving at an incredible pace with the onset of things, intubation, extubation and these last couple of days with detox and the getting rid of some lines (his arterial line came out today and they’ve said that most they can replace his jugular line with a PICC line (most likely to his inside elbow) tomorrow. Dr Saaba (the cardiologist on this weekend) said that after a patient gets to Simon's place of being somewhat stable but not nearly well enough to leave the hospital, that's when it can be most difficult for the family. I get it. It felt a lot like a sprint for the last week. Now we're in for the marathon and pacing is the key.
It's so funny to have the olympics on as all of this is going on. Sometimes with Simon sleeping in one of our laps we'll turn them on with the sound off and just watch some amazing (and bizarre) competitions. I've never really gotten into them before but watching the swimming has been a treat while the air pistol competition just confused me.

I think Jaime and I are doing really well in terms of taking care of each other, trying to get some sleep (even though it's so hard to go home at night it makes us that much stronger during the day), remembering to reach out and touch each other, get a little kiss in here and there, go for a walk, hold hands, and be our full sad, silly, irreverent, communicative selves.
Having our people "show up" in such consistent ways has truly helped. Thank you all so much for the visits, the messages, the food, the emails, txt messages, comments left here, yard work, doggie care, and all the other ways that we feel the love. We've known that we have great community but holy crap!! This is abundance. It's sometimes hard to accept all of it. Hard but impossible not to in this crazy crazy time.


Anonymous said...

Laugh and the whole world laughs with you! Good job, Simon!

A new routine in FL, checking for updates on Simon's blog. We are delighted with the news that Simon is gaining strength. As a mother, the news that you are able to hold him and nurse him, Laura, brings tears of joy. Touch is ever so healing ~

Here's wishing all of you more steps forward!


Carol, Pat, Katie
(Z and Cecelia, too!)

carolynobr said...

Hey, that's great. I'll bet Simon was laughing about bacon! Go here and show him some excellent bacon bid'ness.

Anonymous said...

I am sending a constant stream of positive thoughts to you all!!!

Monkey (Judy D.)

Anonymous said...

I love you guys. I'm so glad you're able to hold him now - I can imagine the joy and relief at finally being able to be skin to skin. And nursing!!
Did i mention I love you?
Josh Lenthall and his wife Melanie are keeping up with the blog and sending you guys good thoughts and love. We are with them in their house right now.
Maya and Frank and Frank's whole family and I send you a rocketship full of hugs and prayers and light.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura and Jamie,

I am just keeping all big beautiful thoughts for the 3 of you in my heart and mind. Will do poses in Skeeter's yoga class to send your way. Violet Petals is in Brazil dancing. I forwarded her an email I received regarding Simon and the link to his page. Lots of love and so much good thought in your direction

J (VP's partner in crime)