Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Small Victory

I forgot to mention that last night they took him completely off oxygen, so we have a small victory! One less thing attached to our little man.

I go back to work part time tomorrow. It feel so insane and like I've been gone for months. I'm planning to work from 8 am to 1 pm and then come to the hospital. It will be really hard to switch gears between three worlds- work, hospital and home with Laura at night. That said, I think it's for the best because I can't just sit in the hospital for 6 weeks even though I want to.

We just got the itemized cost of the ER visit just to John Muir (all covered by insurance). Just the visit there was $7000. I kind of can't wait to see the ICU itemized bill that our insurance better cover *100%* or I'll sic all our attorney friends on them. I'd sure hate to be the medical biller who has to go through Shimmy's chart aka the Tome.

Just going to shower and head back over there today for my last full weekday at the ICU. I'm totally going to miss it in a sick way. We have our chums that we greet every morning as we go to "work" and nice afternoon breaks in the cute neighborhood nearby. It's had brief moments of vacation like feeling when we have minutes lying in sun together or a nice snack outside a cute cafe. Now I'll be cramming everything into their little pockets instead of just rolling around in the misery of what's happening. Even my ICU time with my critically ill son will have to be scheduled and measured to some degree.

Not sure how this will all work in the long run, but we're every bit as scrappy as Shimmy so we'll make it happen- hopefully with grace and humor.

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