Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ahhhh Saturday

Lots of visitors today. Simon mostly slept and ate today- as Laura said, it's like he's regressed a few months. We're going to have a Child Life Specialist come by next week- they can tell us what milestones/skills he might be missing while he's here and how we can help him catch up. He's still dependent on his heart medication and essentially still in heart failure but stable. Every day that he's stable is a day towards recovery.

Another amazing of my coworkers came by today, which was very sweet. She said she was talking to her friend Michelle about what her (my coworker's) plans were for the weekend. She mentioned that she was going to Children's to see her coworker's baby, Simon. Michelle said, "wait! Simon with 2 mommies, Laura and Jaime"? She works at a church in Danville and evidently the sister of one of our friends (we haven't figured out who yet) called in to put us on the prayer list for this Sunday. Michelle took that call!

We really are connected to everyone through this little boy.

Okay, another really funny and not really funny story, depending on what end (no pun intended) you might be on. Just met a mommy in the waiting room who is here 48 hours after she gave birth because her child...wait for it...has no butthole. I'm not kidding. If she seemed upset I wouldn't even be telling this story but she didn't seem super concerned. Laura and I had a good chuckle and then felt a little guilty, but...come on. What an awesome story that will be for that kid when he gets older. It totally trumps a weak heart.


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