Tuesday, November 4, 2008


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So we're not going home for at least another week. Simon has a bacterial infection and has to go through a full course of anti-biotics for at least 7 days. It's not a staph infection though so we're still waiting to hear exactly what the bug is. The good news is that right now it doesn't look like we have to go back on Milrinone and we seem to have caught it early so that the bacteria might not be too widespread. We're waiting to hear if it's from his Broviack line (which would then need to come out) or if it's from somewhere else. They key thing we're waiting for is to find out if he'll respond to the anti-biotics if it is in the line (and it could stay in) or that it's not infected the line and is from another entry point.
His fever right now is down to normal and the color is coming back to his face. It was not a pretty picture this morning when we came in. Too similar to three months ago. We're watching his blood pressure and holding off on some of his meds until we see it come back to normal. He's been sleeping almost non-stop since we came in this morning around 7am (it's now almost 12). I'm fine with that. Rest up little man, rest up.
The cardiology team is still thinking positively right now and it's great that he's managing on his own reserves.
Jaime and I are sickly relieved not to be heading home in two days. A week will be just fine. How wrong is that? Not wrong I know. Just part of this whole insane process.


Krista said...

Jeez! What a crazy roller coaster. I hope the little man is feeling better soon. I look forward to seeing the three of you in the 'hood again really soon!

Krista and Molly

Elizabeth said...

Wow. So much for you each to deal with! We are all thinking of you over here . . .
Angie, Elizabeth, Leo and Charlie