Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back on the Juice

Locations of visitors to this pageSo the drama continues over here at CHO. We are no longer in bed 22 and Shimmy is back on 0.5 of Milrinone. After he looked like a big ole pile of pale, blue lipped, dark stooled crapola and puking stuff that looked like chocolate pudding, they diagnosed him with bleeding in his gut. His INR which measures his ability to clot was WAY high- we think the infection messed with his ability to metabolize Cumidin, the blood thinner and one of the things that sometimes happens when the blood gets too thin is that you can get a GI bleed.

As of 1 am his Coags (measure of coagulation of the blood) look a lot better and he is getting a blood transfusion to help with the anemia (likely in part because of his bleed).

Lab tests were showing an increase in Creatinine, which indicates that kidney function is not good. They think his perfusion (blood moving to an area) to the kidneys is impaired b/c of the infection and extra stress on the heart, so they put him back on Milrinone.

I'm trying to look at this as a setback. The doctors have said this is very serious but not to the point that they think they're going to lose him. It's crazy to have a doctor say that to me and I don't start crying, I just nod my head and ask more questions. To have someone say, "It's not like I think we're going to lose him" and not lose my crap is bizarre.

Not sure what this all means in the big picture. Hopefully tomorrow they will ID the bug(s) that are making him sick and kick it with more specific antibiotics. They're also planning to pull the Broviac tomorrow and put in probably a femoral IV.

I guess the roller coaster just continues. It hasn't sunk in that we're back in the regular ICU and that he was looking so horrible today- really, just like the night he came in. Right now I'm a little in "busy" mode and should probably try to sleep.

This bites.


Fresh Ground Knits said...

When I got Jaime's text this morning I just wanted to scream "NO FAIR!" C'mon little Simon, you can do it.

Not-so-Suburban Mama said...

Thinking, praying, wishing hard for all of you right now.

Krista said...

Oh, wow--I'm so sorry! I'm thinking about you all all the time, and I'm praying for you.

molly said...

what a nightmare roller coaster, you guys. we are thinking of you often and sending you our love as always. love love love to you and that precious little man. xoxox

Elizabeth said...

Oh, little guy! We are sending all of you love and prayers.

kristen.hunter said...

My heart aches for you as parents for what you are parents are going thru. This is just not fair. I pray for your family daily, and will be reading the blog now that I have the right blog site.
May our creator watch over you all. Simon, your very fortunate to have your parents who love you so very much. I can't wait to someday see you all.

Kristen Hunter

Justyn said...

We're thinking of you and feeling soooo much our huge wish for Simon's stability. This seems beyond belief and well past what one family (let alone one adorable little baby) can endure. But here you are, enduring mightily. We are praying and hoping and sending lots of loving wishes right to Simon and moms.