Friday, November 7, 2008

Nippling With the Best of 'em

Locations of visitors to this pageSimon is seriously the scrappiest person I know. Kid is now drinking out of a bottle like a champ (mostly), sleeping really well and awake for about an hour at a time (he was sleeping 24-7 pretty much the last 3 days). While he's sleeping a lot it's a sweet deep sleep, different from the fitful almost catatonic sleep from before. His heart rate is better than it's ever been- maybe it's the Milrinone but he's hardly on any (down to 0.3 from 0.5) . They said if his IV conks out, they'll just leave him alone and not put in a new one. They decided they don't need a central line, so no more procedures on the little man, assuming all stays as it has been!

Looks like the GI bleed is resolving and he's barely lost weight according to the weight we took this morning. They're trying to get us back in the Annex tonight- they have to shuffle people around and get some kids, including Jasmine (!) upstairs and out of the ICU. Jasmine *walked* over to see Simon twice today. She looks great. we'll be really sad to not be neighbors with her anymore. We really bonded with her and her family- It's been sweet to bring each other food and little presents in the mornings and such.

It's amazing to me how quickly kids can get sick and how quickly they can start to bounce back. Laura has the word resilience tattooed on her back to remind her of how resilient she is after her motorcycle accident. I think the little man got some of that from her. They just want to live. All I can say is how grateful I am that they are both alive...

I was thinking today about how every year Laura gathers the group of friends that kept her going right after her accident and they relieve those first moments/days. I wonder how we will integrate all of this with Simon. I wonder what he will remember. Hopefully all the love and fun and sweetness and support. I think that's what I will remember, more than the scary moments. The joy amidst the fear.

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