Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bed 22, I Love You

Locations of visitors to this pageWow, last night was intense in the ICU but not for us. They got at least 8 admissions before 7 pm and it turns out someone passed away at about 6:30 pm. We got moved back to bed 22, out of the regular ICU, at about 9 pm and are THRILLED!

I was over on the other side to check on one of our friends, Mikey, and was chatting with one of the nurses who sometimes has him. She was asking about Simon because she heard he got pretty ill again. His day nurse who had him Mon, Tues and Wed was there and describing how serious it was. It's always eye opening to hear an ICU nurse talk about how sick he is when he really tanks. Thea, the some time nurse, was saying, "really he was that sick"? And Sarah, the one who had him this week said, "uh, yeah. He was grey. Like really grey. I kept saying they needed to move him over to the other side and told his next nurse that they had to watch him and really keep the doctors on this because he was looking terrible".

Megan, our regular night nurse, said yesterday that she wasn't sure when she went off shift on Monday night/Tuesday morning if he'd still be here for her next shift. Also, turns out that about 6 nurses have a Simon phone tree and call the ones who are off if he gets worse just because they all love him. Some of them have only been his nurse one or two times.

It's all so sweet and so terrible.

Our resident, Brian pointed out that Sunday is our *100th* day. Seriously. Yesterday it was 14 weeks and tomorrow it will be 100 days of this. I asked if we get a gold pin with a diamond or something. Unfortunately, I think we just get a really big bill :-) Oh yeah, and an even bigger community and new friends.

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Elizabeth Stark said...

Once you get home, get settled, and get that bill, we'll start talking about some serious fund-raisers!

Meanwhile, just take good care of yourselves and each other. You are all so amazing!