Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I am a camel

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I don't need a lot of water (I know I do but i rarely feel it). I move kind of slow (they are not known as speedy animals), and I thoroughly enjoy a good spit (they are known for their spitting).

And normally I love straw. I like lying on it. I like the smell of it. I even liked collecting it during hot summers in Vermont when I was younger (it was back breaking work but felt so satisfying at the end of the day).

That said, I believe I am officially of the broken back because of one last straw.


I can not get my back to settle down. It's been in constant pain and spasm and for the last 4 weeks there have been moments of little pain surrounded by longer stretches of lots of pain.

Simon seems to be finally over his cold and cough while I am still hacking some but at least without nighttime congestion. That does mean though that we are back to some vomiting and not really eating anymore.
Sigh...it was awesome while it lasted. Back to the slow road and regular tube feedings.

And, as of yesterday, Roxie our lovable dog with her own set of special needs, has an ulcerated cornea that requires 4 different medications and most likely a surgical procedure that could take up to 6-8 weeks to heal.

That means along with Simon's 7 meds, my 2 (three if you count ibuprofen that I have to take when I can't take the muscle relaxer or vicodin because I might have to drive) and Roxie's 4, we are working out 14 medications in this house.

I'm really just about cooked and not quite sure what to do about it.

Chronic pain is exhausting. Stay at home parenting is exhausting. a non-walking 25# baby is exhausting. Heart failure, tube feedings, and daily medications are exhausting.

It's even more troubling that I am so exhausted after a weekend in Calistoga surrounded by our peeps and hot mineral water.

The weekend was delightful and a wonderful celebration of Jaime and our community.

Jaime and Shimmy through the morning steam

Noodle Fight!!

Here's just a few of the crew- From L to R..... Eric, Simon, Mel, Julian, Tanner, Jaime, Laura, Karen, and Zuzu. Calistoga Spa & Hot Springs never knew what hit them.

More of the wrinkled but relaxed family.

Later that evening at Taylor's Refresher

The 'roid ravenousness might have worn off (as has the eating that we were seeing) but the little man is still willing to put things in his pie hole- in this case an onion ring dipped in ketchup.

That's a vegetable and fried food- two of the major food groups.... right??

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Aleah said...

Our boxer also has an ulcerated cornea! We were up to 6 meds a day plus a special contact lens, but are now down to 4 again (plus contact lens). I don't have too many encouraging words to offer you, since Princess's eye isn't exactly healing yet...but you have our sympathy.