Monday, January 4, 2010


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If you missed it, read the last post first... Then the pictures will make more sense.

First day of vacation, walking to the beach.

A Boy, his dog, and the hole they've dug together

Naked time. Note the strategic draping of the towel (and the socks)

A boy and his Grandpa Eddie

Simon begins his love affair with pig


Simon continues his love affair with pig (in a different form)

Moving on to Gai Lan (Chinese Brocolli)

And completing his journey with (from left to right) a sesame ball, egg custard (on his face) and BBQ pork.

Then there was the late night snack of bread and soup topped off with yogurt and leftover sesame ball.
The boy was on a major tear

FYI this was all on one day!


Eleanor Chrom said...

Shimmy is a miracle, absolutely amazing. At this rate may he continue, and may your 2010 be as exciting and prolific as it has begun. etc.. etc....
Love, Ellie & Sol

Sara said...

Seeing the photos of Simon eating (especially wielding the chopsticks) made me so happy I got a little teary. Go Simon!

Jen said...

Ahhh. Looks sooooooooo good. Love them 'roids. Gonna be hard to justify talking him out of them when he's on the football team in H.S.