Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Travellin' Man

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Jaime here (DSL is still down at home, so I thought I’d throw y’all a bone with a little update).

Well, Simon just survived his 2nd trip to L.A. since he was born (the first was when he was 2 months old). We drove down Thursday night and drove back up Sunday night. Holy hellaroni was it a crappy drive down! We didn't hit the road until 8 p.m. and didn't get into our hotel until almost 2 a.m. Simon was puking every 20 minutes for the last 2 hours which was really awful for everyone.

We had a decent night’s sleep in our hotel and then walked over to Jen and Frank’s house (Laura’s sister and brother in law) to hang out with them and our 3 1/2 yr old niece Maya. We had a great weekend overall- swimming, eating, walking through the really fancy malls that are near them and some good sleep, actually. Simon was a little trooper- he’s really the easiest baby (minus the heart failure). He was pretty much content wherever we went, except when he got hot. His poor heart function makes the heat really unpleasant for him. We got a spritz bottle with a fan that he liked a lot but we managed to break it day 2. We may consider getting him something called a cooling vest that a lot of folks on our listserv have. It doesn’t get that hot that often up here though, so maybe next summer.

We also had a revelation on Saturday. Simon had been off his game for a week or so which had us really worried- busting a sweat a few times, not napping, puking more, just generally being off. Well, it turns out that the little man was busting THREE molars through at the same time. That would make me throw up too!

He’s really, really close to walking and generally is Mr. Independent. He hardly wants to be held these days- he wants to be on the ground, exploring, crawling, opening, tearing, standing, etc. It’s really cool to see and also sad because I just want to squeeze and snuggle and generally eat him up and he’s not having it.

It’s coming up on the anniversary of Simon’s admission to the hospital (August 1st). It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year and that it’s only been a year. We’re planning a little quiet time to reflect that day, I think.

We’ll post pics of the little guy once we get DSL back up (hopefully Sat at the latest). He’s due for a haircut, I’m sad to say. I guess we could go with the celebrity trend of letting him grow his hair into a long and flowing mane, but really, who wants to wash barf out of his hair all the time? Not me and I know not Laura, so a little trim may be in order.

Hugs all around

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Jen said...

So so good to be with you guys!! come back right now. Ok, we'll come see you.
Love, Jen Frank and Maya