Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's been a time

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I was born in 1973.
The phone we had in the 500 Kappock Street apartment throughout my childhood in the Bronx had a rotary dial. My mother did work for IBM though and by the time I was in High School we had a computer and were even among the first folk that got to experiment with this new thing called the internet...I can't even remember the name of the program but it doesn't exist now.

In college it was so exciting that there was this thing called electronic mail where you could send a message to another student at the school. You had to go to one specific computer lab but it was still way cool.

So when our internet went out last week you would think that having lived half my life without it, I should be fine.

I was just barely ok.

When our land-line went out too, our cell phones were running out of minutes, Roxie scratched her eye and was requiring more medical care than Simon, and Simon was having a couple of days with either a really short nap and/or it was non-existent, I almost lost my mind.

Really. I haven't been that close to the edge in a while. To have all that happening AND not be able to be in touch with folks the way that I am used to being in touch, sucked. I felt so isolated and for someone that's working hard at not being isolated anyway given everything else that we've been dealing with, well, let's just say that there was a straw and a camel and need for a chiropractor.

Then there was the getting ready and actual travel down to L.A. to see family for the 4th of July weekend. There was all the typical getting packed and stuff but add in all the calls to our Dr's here to get referrals for Dr's there, making actual contact with Dr's down there, the special medication needs (3 out of six are refrigerated AND we had just enough to get us through Monday and therefore needed to make a special refill trip to the CHO pharmacy), dropping the dog off at the Pet Hospital (way too reminiscent of Roxie's time at Animal Control - Jaime and I were both sobbing as we left her shivering in a cage) and then Jaime told you about the drive...once again I nearly lost my sh*t.

Every 20 minutes.
Every 20 minutes my entire body would go tense.
Every 20 minutes I would twist around from the front seat to wipe vomit and check for choking.
Every 20 minutes Simon would heave and hork and spit up and/or Vomit.
Every 20 minutes.

That sucked.

AND....then we got down there and he slept and partied like a champ. We swam, we played, we had family meals. We managed the heat ok. I got to hang with my sister who I love love love. Maya (my niece) and Simon were a delight to watch together and the little man blessed us with 11-12 hour nights of sleep. He clearly appreciates the seedy Motel. Even the drive home was relatively uneventful with just one wake up when we stopped for gas. Otherwise, sleeping like a baby.

I love being with my sister and Maya and Frank.

But Holy Cow, I love being home. And, it only took two days of wrangling with AT&T to get back online and have a phone again. And, those two days are over so it's all good.

Roxie may need to go to a Doggie Opthamologist for surgery and/or a doggie contact lens but that's a bridge that's a little ways away. Now that other things are back in order I can almost laugh at that. Then three out of the four of us will have required major medical intervention in the recent past. Ridiculous.

We had a rough blood draw on Monday to check Simon's clotting factor. Two weeks ago his INR was a little low (blood too thick) and they upped his dose of Coumadin (that's the medication that he takes that's also found in rat poison- gotta love it).
They wanted to check it in two weeks and now have found that it's too high (blood too thin). So we have another dosing regiment of switching doses every night to see if it will balance out. I'm ok with managing that new level of detail but what I hate is the having to go back for another blood draw in two weeks. Simon is a hard 'stick' and this last time it took almost 30 minutes of poking and restraining and blood curdling screaming for them to get a draw. Jaime did it this time and I don't know what was worse, having to hear the screams from the waiting room (I eventually left and walked down the hall- no good, he's got quite the set of lungs- Opera singer for sure like his PopPop) or being in there with him.

I'll tell you in another 2 weeks when we go back, dang it. I hate blood draws. I was so excited to have them spread out to once every four months. I hope that the next one says that we've struck a balance and can get back to that schedule.

Otherwise, so much to look forward to in the coming weeks. County Fairs, MM and PopPop coming for a visit, the Fitch-Dipanes coming up from L.A., walks around the lake, swimming time at the Y, Aunties everywhere, getting back to a groove, etc etc. I feel it already with a lovely morning meet up with our friends Wowlven and Elka Rose before swim time. An easy going down for a nap and some mellow time for Mommy- Yay!

I missed blogging. I'm glad to be back to it and sharing and not feeling so isolated. Plus there are fabulous pictures to be shared from Pride weekend and our LA trip.
Enjoy and thanks for coming along this nutty nutty ride.
Simon takes his Pride seriously.
Check out the thoughtful
"I'm working so hard at this flag waving I have to stick my tongue out"
Some one loves their Gay Mama-
A very rare mouth kiss from Shimmy
Simon and his 1st cousin Maya sharing the slinky. Such a wonderful toy...
"Dude, southern California is awesome.
You go and swim in the warm pool and then come back to central air in the apartment. Plus, I look Abercromie&Fitch-good in a scarf."
"My Mommy dunks me sometimes and I'm ok with that."


Sara said...

Oh, the barfing from the back seat scares the bejeezus out of me - that sounds lke a rough ride.

We're down the hall from the blood draw lab once a week - maybe we'll bump into you one day!

Aleah said...

Our clinic does finger-stick INR (blood clotting) checks. Maybe CHO has a point-of-care INR machine somewhere in their system.