Saturday, March 28, 2009


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So Shimmy's got some kind of stomach bug and while it doesn't seem to be dangerous at this point, it's making for some pretty uncomfortable moments for the little man.
He's got diaper rash for the first time in his life (a result of some unhappy pooping) and a little more throwing up than we've seen in the last couple of weeks. Add to that an inability to put himself to sleep easily (or at all) and we're pretty thankful that we already had an appointment with our GI specialist scheduled for Tuesday.
Jaime is with the little man right now (9:15pm) trying to get him to sleep.
Other than that it was a really nice day complete with brunch out with G'Pa Bruce and Grandma Nola, and great windy dog walk and a sweet bath and naked time on the bed with his Mama's. Hopefully Tuesday will bring a simple diagnosis and solution.
Think calming cooling thoughts for the little man's tumm and rump.

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