Monday, March 30, 2009

Canada Please

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I hate our health care system. If I could guarantee that 30+ of my family and friends would come with...I would so be moving North right now. I hear Vancouver is a spectacular city.
Our insurance is ridiculous and we're just finding out now (4 months later) because that's how long they take to get up to date on the billing.
$600 dollars a month is our copay- COPAY- on our feeding set up. That's a 20% copay that we have to pay in addition to our $1000 a month premium. Not to mention the copays on his medications, doctor visits, and vaccinations. I won't even mention things like dental or vision.

I hate this. For so many reasons I hate this. Hate it.

All those years of putting savings away, thinking that I was being so smart thinking about my later years. Never ever working a job that had any kind of pension plan (who has that now?!!), I always put at least 15% right into a retirement account. Always looking for an additional $50 dollars here, $100 dollars here to just sock away and pretend doesn't exist. I thought I was being so smart.

Who cares?! What kind of difference does it make when the cost of being sick can wipe that out in one fell swoop.

I don't think it will and we're working all of our system knowledge at this point but.........for crying out loud!!

I never saw Sicko by Michael Moore because I thought it would make me too mad. Now I'm living it (not nearly as bad as most folks, for sure but still) and I can't believe how asinine our system is.
That, and I would have to completely deplete all of my savings before Simon would qualify for SSI and Medical at which point I would then need to go on GA (general assistance/ Welfare) instead of being able to parse out my savings and not cost the gov't even more $$.


Vancouver anyone?

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Jen said...

I love Vancouver.. Plus, I'm a Canuck, officially. So here's the plan. We move there first. Frank becomes a citizen through me, he and I get divorced, Jaime marries Frank, they get divorced, you remarry, we remarry, and then we're all glorious citizens of that lovely country.