Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We're ok

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Simon's doesn't have a gut bug. We may not have to pay$600 a month (unclear) and he's still putting on weight in a more than acceptable way.

Plus he looks like this.

No pictures to my agent

Ok, ok, just one

We're doing ok over here in Oakland. The sun is shining, Simon's gotten an 'ok' from his Doctors, and I'm not letting the pukey morning bother me.

This time last year I was wondering when the heck the little man was going to come out! Today? Today? On his actual due date?

April Fools!! Not for 8 more days.

He was interested in teaching us lessons even then.

Most of the time there is nothing to do but be in the moment.

My lovely little stinker son.


Anna B. said...

that kid is too freaking cute. he sets the bar too darn high for the rest of us. love you all. freaking insurance monsters. i say a revolt is in order.

Anna B. said...

wondering if i can employ "freaking" in any other way here?