Friday, March 27, 2009

BNP- Big Nothing Probably

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So, Simon's BNP is up. Not much but it's up. Last month we were at 366 and this month 547. Still significantly below 1000 but still up. HunkyPants not worried, in fact he was surprised that it wasn't up more (to which I replied "what the hell does that mean?!"- not out loud, just in my head).

Otherwise, we're just keeping our eyes on some watery stools and keepin' on, keeping on. Simon was a little stinker last night and since his mommies were out on a date stayed up way past his bedtime with his Mamaw (bedtime= 9:30!!) but isn't that what kids pull with the babysitter or grandparents? Staying up late and doing all sorts of things that they wouldn't normally do with the parents around?

Still, he did sleep till 7:30-ish and most exciting.....not a peep all night!! Not a wake up, not a throw up, not even a spit up.

He's been doing that with his feeding too. We're seeing a real decrease in vomiting so maybe that's why there's the increase in pooping. Gotta come out somewhere right? It's the just watery consistency as of late that's needing some attention. He's just a little off and for the first time in his life has some diaper rash. Add that to the hot weather (we're seeing some sweating- might be heat or heart associated) and some fussiness and Jaime and I are just keeping our eyes peeled a little more than usual. It's exhausting.

I don't want to go back to the hospital. Say that 3x times with your eyes closed and you pretty much have a good idea of how my late afternoon went.

After we had some great visitors earlier this afternoon, Simon was just a little out of sorts, with a little projectile vomit, more than a little fussiness, and exhaustion resulting in 5 minutes naps alternating with 5 minute crying jags.

Tonight he seemed mostly fine but just a little off.

Something's up but we're not sure what. We go from moment to moment.

Yay for the weekend and having two of us.

A huge shout out to Mamaw D for being around this morning and afternoon... Shimmy and I love you big time.
Famblee Photo

Simon and Joan's son Sommers practicing their breakdancing routine...I'm not kidding

Check them out.

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Annie said...

Ok, this video is fabulous - I can't get over how limber the little man is!