Saturday, February 7, 2009

Some Photos

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Here's some more recent photos of Mr Shimmy La

"I'm Bringing the Pompadour back!"

Simon meet millet. Millet meet Simon

"I hear it's also good for the complexion."

Hello Mr Expressive. Those eyes just melt you don't they?

"It's just soooooo good to be home!"

Simon's evening meds. (we're even missing one in the photo but we make up for it this week with the Anti-biotics on the far left).

Another week further away from his surgery and Simon is getting back to his "old" self. We've had two nights in a row of relatively good sleep (of course now that I've put that out there we're more than likely gonna get screwed tonight).

He was a little napping F**ker today though with only one nap coming in at 3:30 pm instead of his regular three. We did have a sweet sweet time this morning though with a 5:30am "family" bed time with Shimmy and Roxie joining Jaime and I in the queen. We all dozed until 7:30!! It was lovely, except that it probably threw Simon off. Whatever. It was worth it.

We'll see if I feel that way tomorrow.

That's all for now.



Sol said...

Wow, what a lot of meds and needles. Hannah and I were looking at this and comparing it to the ONE needle she had a couple of weeks ago ...

Nicole said...

SImon looks like he is doing SO well! We have a similar med picture...but realized later it included a beer in the, for us not Jackson.