Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oh Loverboy!

Locations of visitors to this pageSo, Simon now knows how to butt heads AND make out. Laura has been working withhim on both and the fruits of her labor have finally paid off. What else could he possibly need to know to get through life?

Click here to see a video of his new talents

Simon goes for a Cardiology follow and a GI follow up tomorrow. So far the G-tube is working pretty well. He's definitely more interested in putting things in his mouth and even drank a few tiny sips from a sippy cup. I think we're going to have a LONG road ahead of us in terms of eating, but this is a great first start.

In other news, the estimate to fix the bumper from Laura's rearending? $2,500

The itemized cost of Laura's hospital stay? $80,000

I got one word for you. INSURANCE.

Can I get an amen?

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Nicole said...

cAMEN!! We have a million dollar two year old!!! Yay for Simon and the sippy cup

:)Nicole and Jackson (ccf)