Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where we're at-- .2 Baby!

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So we're at .2 on the Milrinone friends and Shimmy seems to be doing great. It means that we're one step closer to coming home. It's pretty intense to feel so attached to a timeline but we've been working towards it for weeks so as much as there's so much to be Zen and in the moment about, I can't help but feel attached to the idea of being home in less than two weeks. I feel a little taut about it. Shimmy's doing great. He's a baby, his job is to be in the moment, play with food, sit up on his own, enjoy his new big boy crib, etc etc. I'm the one that's kinda freakin' out.

I imagine that I could get back in to being at the hospital for a longer stretch if I had to. But right now and for the last several weeks, we've been working on going home...successfully (so far). I'm terrified for sure but more than that I think about my son, my wife, and I being in the same location day and night and it makes me want to cry. We need to get that boy a crib asap before he lands at the Fitch-Jenett abode! He's grown so much. Jaime and I were commenting that Shimmy has been happier than he's ever been. There's more smiling than ever before and while some of it is no doubt developmental I think that a lot of it is that he's so comfortable in his body these days.
Check out some of his new activities:
Playing in the new PICU Excersaucer (got to get one of these for home too- He loves it!!)
Look at me sitting up on my own in my big boy crib!!
Just hanging playing with some toys- On my own, sitting up.

Getting ready for MM to come and visit and teach me more Pilates

Gettin' caught up on some Pop Culture- Simon loves him some People Magazine (and some Auntie Dre)

Love to all.


*p* said...

great news about the continuing taper! love the pictures and I am glad to see that he is a fan of my favorite journal!

AJC said...

wow. i feel like i am praying all the time for all of you, even when i'm asleep. i have so much joy around you getting closer and closer to going home i feel like my heart might explode.