Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Story

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Our dear friend Jasmine wrote a wonderful story about our baby and her dog, both of whom are going through some tough times

Some time ago three friends had a conversation about life and their futures. They sat on the beach under the full branches of a pomegranate tree, purple as can be, and thought together about making some big decisions. They all agreed that children and animals were about the best things to be found anywhere in all of the world. On this night as they sat together under the brightly moonlit sky they decided to make a powerful wish---all together. They joined hands and danced along the shimmering seashore with their eyes closed chanting “bring us a miracle, to our doors, bring us a miracle, on two legs or four!”
And so it came to be. Jasmine soon came to be the mother of a small and infinitely special dog who she named Ticho. And Laura and Jaime became the proud proud parents of a one of a kind sparkly eyed boy named Simon. For some time the friends had to spend time apart, as they lived in different corners of the world, and as you may know, life can get busy these days. Their lives had ups, their lives had downs and as time passed by, and they all continued to fill with love for each other, things seemed like it was going to go well in life for all of them.
Then—what looked to be dark clouds blew into all of their lives. Simon learned that he had a weak heart. Of course being who he was, he fought back and worked his hardest to stick around and make his life happen. After all how could he leave the deep fierce love of his two moms, matched only by his same love for the two of them. Simon was a boy wise beyond his years, and he knew that although this was not what anyone had expected, everything was going to be all right.
Meanwhile Ticho had gotten difficult news too. His back legs were getting twisted and weaker and someday it seemed that he would stop using them. Sometimes when Ticho knew that his mother was not watching, he fretted over his legs. “How will I jump and play?” he thought. “How will I chase my favorite sticks?” Likewise when Mom knew that Ticho could not see her, she worried over those very same things.
And so time passed. And all three moms continued to love their son and their dog, beyond reason it seemed. Simon and Ticho loved them just as much right back. No one knew how their thorns would become roses, but they all did know for sure a Deep True Love and an unmatched appreciation for every moment they had together.
Soon Simon and Ticho began dreaming of new adventures, the way that a special boy and dog will do. Simon became interested in superheroes, and Ticho fell in love with the idea of flying. Simon read about superheroes, he drew them, he even dreamed of mighty superheroes, women and men alike, racing around the world helping others. Meanwhile in his own living room, Ticho would twitch in his sleep, and as he too dreamed, of flying through the air, his floppy ears soaring around his furry little face. If such a thing existed, he secretly would love to be a superdog.
Then one lucky day Ticho and Simon were able to meet. Simon’s moms had a reunion with old friends, and of course the super-special boy was soon introduced to the one of a kind dog. Ticho liked Simon immediately, and Simon liked him right back. In no time they were curled up in the corner of the garden under the shade of a juicy lemon tree, sharing secrets like they had been friends for many lives. They told jokes and they laughed and laughed while they rolled and played on the thick and and luxurious grass.
Suddenly Ticho sat up and said, “What do you wish for, Simon? A deep true wish?...” Simon looked around. He seemed nervous for the first time since they had met. H leaned over and whispered, ever so quietly in Ticho’s ears, “I want to be a superhero.” “No way!” Ticho cried. “For so long I have dreamed of being a superdog! I so want to be able to fly, I think about it all the time. Oh Simon what is a wonderful wish to have.” “It would be,” Simon said. “If I could be one. But I never can be.” “Why not?” Ticho asked, sure that his new friend could do anything.
“Well,” Simon said. “I have a weak heart. Superheroes cannot have weak hearts. “Oh,” Ticho said, some wind knocked from his furry sails. “I have weak legs. I guess superdogs cannot have weak legs.” They were both silent for a few moments, each one lost in their own thoughts until suddenly Simon began to smile broadly. Then he began to laugh and laugh. “What is so funny?” asked Ticho. “We are,” breathed Simon through his merriment. “We make quite a pair. The disabled superhero team. Don’t you see ---you have a strong heart and I have strong legs! If we can figure out how to combine our powers, we can both have what we need” Ticho’s face widened as he realized what Simon was saying. “We can do it,” he said. “Oh Simon, I know we can!”
And from that day on the two were inseparable. And Simon’s heart, it grew stronger and stronger until soon he could carry Ticho around, to rest his tiring legs. Before long Simon could run and skip, and he would carry Ticho over his head and run like the wind. Then Simon learned to ride a bike, and he made a basket for Ticho to sit in while they sped along. It was then that Ticho truly felt like he was flying, they both did, as the colors of trees and flowers whipped by them at lightning speeds. Their mothers had to come and get them, as the rosy dusk of evening fell, for the pair would get so caught up in their superhero fantasies and games.
One night, at a beach bonfire, when Simon’s mom and Ticho’s mom sat nearby, fading in and out of the firelight, Ticho turned to Simon and said, “We did it, you know. We are doing it, Simon. We are modern day superheroes. You –you are making your heart stronger…and you make me fly!!! If that is not a superhero, I don’t know what is. What hearts and love can do---they can do anything!”
Simon thought hard. Did he dare to believe it? Could Ticho be right? Simon’s heart felt so strong and full and loved that he felt like it might beat right out of his chest.
Nearby, the thorns on the heavy laden branches burst into the most luxurious rose blossoms, all at once.


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Someone definitely needs to illustrate this story!

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That story is dripping with glory!
Love to you!