Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

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Simon had 2 costumes today- 1 was "Wireless Boy" because he is off his Milrinone(!!!) and the other was "Heart Boy". His Muti Skeeter made him an awesome heart costume:

CHO was a very fun place to be today as they go all out with Halloween. Here is Simon's bed, decorated by Carol with decorations provided by our neighhor Jasmine's mom.

We're very excited, a bit nervous and a bit sad about the idea of leaving the hospital. It's really become home for me (Jaime) and I will miss the social time and all our new friends. But I'm really excited to have time in our house, cook and be able to integrate Shimmy back into the outside world.

Off to bed...


Elizabeth said...

Yea!! What a journey you are on . . . and what big, strong hearts all of you have. That adorable boy in his heart costume!

Eleanor Chrom said...

YAY !!! See you in a couple of weeks. Can we celebrate when we get there?