Friday, September 5, 2008

Went to Stanford

We've just learned more than any parent should about heart transplants.

Now we have some very difficult decisions to start to think about.

This is truly horrible.

Simon is so full of life...

We will try to keep people up to date on the day to day but our process re: this decision when/if we have to make it is likely to be private.

Thank you all for all your continuing love, support, energy, joy, hugs, food, dog walks, emails, comments, calls, smiles and thoughts. Thank you for all of it. We couldn't have made it nearly this far without it nor would we be able to go the rest of the way of this journey without you.


karen said...

We are so sorry for this awful struggle, and there is just nothing else to say but we love you and we will come and bring more hugs when our household cold has gone away.

Love, love and more love.

Anonymous said...

We love you three so much and are thinking about you and holding all of you in light and love and strength.
Jen, Frank and Maya

Anna B. said...

we, also, love you with all of our soul, body and mind. we are with you. love from anna and hillary

Anonymous said...

The circle of love got even bigger today, with a group of dancers (and many mamas) at the end of dance jam tonight sending love and strength to you Simon, and to your mamas Laura and Jaime.
Much love,

Fresh Ground Knits said...

Love you so much!

Annie said...

we are here and thinking of you and supporting you everyday, all the time. our thoughts, love, the best of our hopes, and energy are with simon and you two. A&E

Ramprasad said...

We continue to pray for Simon Lev's recovery and also pray that god gives you more of this amazing strength and fortitude that the two of you have shown over the past several weeks. A warm hug and a kiss to little Simon.

Much love,

RP & Vidhya