Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Questions More Love

So, no real answers from yesterday and Simon's still a little "off". His chest x-ray didn't show any new concerns and they haven't really seen his numbers climb to great proportions he's just still breathing harder with his heart rate in the upper range of acceptable.
Acceptable, to whom is my question? Both Dianne and I are a little more exhausted today than other days knowing that something isn't quite right but we can't tell what and the medical folks here can only put it on their radar since there's no real action to take.
It could also just be that at 5 months Shimmy is going to start teething any minute and/or getting ready for a growth spurt. Or, he's in greater heart failure. His Echo also showed no real change, either way so there's just no real telling what's going on.
He's just been a tad more fussy today with a slightly higher temp but not quite in the "fever" realm. The one thing they are doing is upping his medications to suit his new weight. We'll see in the next 24 hours if that makes a difference.
Aaargh. It's almost harder than when there's something clearly wrong. Almost... but thank you to whomever for it not being something clearly wrong and perhaps just the 5 month old fussies.
Yup, Simon turns 5 months old September 9th. He's also put on 2 pounds and 12 ounces since we've arrived here. That's quite a bit considering that he came in at 11.0 and then lost a bunch of weight within the first week.
That's my little porker.
On the "more love" note, we got a special delivery of balloons and a mirror toy from the farther reaches of our family. Jaime's stepsister's husband's parents sent us the sweetest email and delivery today. We met and bonded with them at Meredyth and Jamison's wedding last year and had kept in sporadic touch immediately after the wedding. When Simon was born our announcement and subsequent notice of our medical issue was sent out by Jaime's email (which unfortunately reads as spam sometimes) so they didn't get it.
As soon as they heard via the family grapevine they emailed and sent sweetness. Read above- they're Jaime's stepsister's husband's parents. Too sweet.
It's moments like that, along with the cooing and smiling that try and match the other thousand that are heavy and hard. Some days the latter win out. I think today is a close call.
Love to all


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