Friday, December 31, 2010


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Our week in Pictures.

Beach combing in Gualala
 Simon meets Sea Flora
 A boy on the beach

 Jaime and Mamaw are ready for the Pole expedition
 Mellow Mama and Simon

Little did we know that the mellow would turn to lethargy and the lethargy to feverish and the feverish to Pneumonia

Trying to keep cool and keep the O2 cannula in

Our first wagon ride complete with oxygen tank

He can still find the smile

Day of departure- Simon's making plans for a big NYE
(Please note the size of the bed- Jaime and Simon spooned in it together)

Heading out

I have conquered pneumonia! I am the master of my domain- HOME!!!!

I am sure that there will be a blog sooner rather than later about the whole adventure/ nightmare but right now it's 9pm and both Jaime and I are completely tapped.
Happy New Year to all and humongous thanks to all that called, texted, brought over food, ordered us food, sent love, light, prayers, healing thoughts and WTFs. All were welcome and central to our getting back home safe and sound.

and to all a good night.


Sol said...

Shimmy -- you da Man!!!

And your mommies too.

Peggy Woon said...

Shimmy, the mighty conquistador!
Hail to you and Laura and Jaime! I'm so sorry to hear about your bout with pneumonia. May this new year bring you multiple joys!
Peggy & Pepper

Vicki Davis said...

Welcome Home!