Monday, September 28, 2009

One small step for mankind...

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Simon took his first step today. Completely on his own.
He was standing at the Coffee table in our living room and I was sitting next to him just far enough away that he couldn't reach me without letting go. I didn't realize at the time so I almost missed it but then it happened. There he was with one hand on the coffee table and the other one reaching for my shoulder when...he let go...both hands in the air....and he took a step!

I think I scared the crap out of him by yelling and telling Jaime (who was in the other room) "Some one just took their FIRST STEP!!" But there I was for just a moment (a sweet moment for sure) feeling like a regular parent thrilled over her child's first step.
Then he barfed on me (not related to the walking) and the moment was gone. Not gone completely since about an hour later he walked pushing a stroller for longer than I'd ever seen.

Today I feel like I'm having parallel moments run alongside each other. We have our hearing evaluation tomorrow and are waiting to hear back from the LEAP Program (an early intervention play group time that we may qualify for) and at the same time feeling the thrill of Simon finding his feet and clearly heading towards walking.

He's such a trickster. Since birth, he's brought Jaime and I just to the edge, and then offers some kind of reprieve and/or magnificent gift. Like sleeping five hours in a row just when we thought we might lose our minds from sleep deprivation, etc etc..

So just before turning 18 months, which is the later end of the 'normal range' for walking, Simon seems to be 'off and running'.

He is on his own timeline. I just need to keep remembering that. his own time.

Trickster/ Teacher it's all the same it seems.

Simon is not your typical baby. No baby is typical I know, but Simon has brought some very special times along with him into this life. He's certainly taught those around him to savour each moment and whether it's as a-typical as getting off a ventilator OR as typical as watching him take his first unassisted step, I celebrate this little life.
I celebrate you Simon Lev.

Celebrate Good Times C'mon!!

Training with G'Pa??


Eleanor Chrom said...

Significant; on Yom Kippur yet!!

Love, Ellie & Sol

Eric said...

Brilliant! To trickster/teacher, now you can add truckster. Nice work, Shimmy.

Fresh Ground Knits said...

yayay! go Simon!

anna said...

Yes! Go little boy!