Monday, August 17, 2009

Giggle before the storm

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Just had to share this with y'all since a) it's hysterical and b) we have a rough week ahead of us with a cardiology appointment tomorrow and a pediatrician appointment on Thursday.

Water sports with Simon and his Auntie Dre.

Besides that it's been a nice week since I last wrote. Simon has been playing with drinking more and we seem to be back to a regular nap and nigh time schedule.

We're a couple of weeks into Homeopathy and just a few days into trying another supplement CoQ10. Unlikely we'll see anything drastically different from these two things on this upcoming echo cardiogram but like I've said before, i can't help but be engulfed with hope right before a visit.

Simon still doesn't seem to have any separation anxiety but is now showing some sign of stranger anxiety (really more like shyness) and some delightful new antics at bedtime including wiggling like a fresh caught salmon and a clear "i'm mad" new scream. It's relatively short lived but still...I can't help but wonder how I might be handling it differently if Simon didn't have Cardiomyopathy and I didn't have the image of that heart monitor from the ICU playing in my head.

Not so much whether or not I'd be more or less inclined to let him cry it out a little longer but more simply, my own reaction to it. I hate it in a way that is clearly born out of having a sick child. I feel it like a live wire has just been turned on in my body. I can't tease out what's a normal new mom response or a Mom of Simon who's a little different. Since I've never been either before that quandry will not be answered. I just know that I've never felt anything like it and it's hard to reconcile it with the slow moving, take a breath or three, type of *Ferdinand* that I've always felt myself to be.

You get extra points for knowing the Ferdinand reference :-)

Simon is still a love and a half.

Cross your fingers for no blood draw tomorrow...

Simon doing his best Cindy Crawford impersonation complete with mole on lip

"What choo talkin' about Momma?!"

"Chocolate covered pretzels for dinner totally works for me!"


"What I can't hear you?! I have a chocolate covered pretzel in my ear."

"Topped off with whipped cream?! I am soooo learning to eat!"

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Eleanor Chrom said...

Ferdinand the bull, so blase' who never reacted to anything, except a bee bite ???