Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bounce back!!

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Just a quickie update.

We are back in the saddle again.

Simon has had one monster poop, one bedtime with late night shenanigans (11:14 last night), one solid nights sleep, and one full day of no real barfing and being his old hysterical delightful self.

I think what ever it was, he pooped most of it out yesterday. That really was a diaper the likes of which I may not have seen before. Impressive.

He's also clearly teething again.

Best of all, he's been so interested in trying new things with his mouth!! He tilts his head up like a baby bird when we've been offering drippings off his Nuk (OT oral tool) and several times when offered a cup will reach out with both hands and bring it to his lips letting various liquids pour into his mouth (and mostly pour right back out) OR close his lips around a small amount and work out a distinct swallow.

Awesome!!!! Frikkin' awesome. It's almost like we have a baby that eats!!

I would say that completes the cosmic redemption that was necessary after the first couple of hours of deciding to head to and getting admitted to the ER before the Fitch-Jenett karma kicked in.

Thank you all for the calls and warm wishes. Love to all.



Anne said...

I am so glad you all had a nice normal day - and even a few gains! It is so nice to know that Simon is moving in all the right directions.

Eleanor Chrom said...

I wish you as many diapers full , much teething and drinking cups full and slobbering as Shimmy can manage.
see you in about3-4 weeks,
Much love,
Ellie and Sol

Sara said...


Anonymous said...

Pack of diapers - $17.97, Pack of wipes - $5.69, Sippy cup - $2.49, Baby that eats - priceless! Hope the good continues and you can stay out of the emergency room for a long, long time!