Saturday, May 2, 2009

Model material

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It is a lovely rainy Saturday and Simon teething on some tupperware tops. The house is cozy with the smells of Jaime cooking and Roxie is tuckered out from a nice long beach romp with her friend Luna (Laura got to walk with her friend Wowlven and cutie patootie Elka Rose).

Simon is a marvel. He is marvelous. He is a weak hearted, marvelous, growing, drooling, baby boy.
Jaime really thinks we should get this boy into modelling. Your thoughts?
Shave and a haircut...two bits
Getting some Pilates instruction from MM
(gotta work off that whipped cream-)
Did you really think it was shaving cream in the above picture?!
Thanks MM. I'm feeling really fit now.
The Original Butz Keppelah (Head Bump in Yiddish)

More Bath Photos- Who can resist?

Yes that's a hospital bathing tub on his head. So what?
Big love to Team Shimmy out there


Jen said...

You all should definitely submit some photos for some contests. Lets put some money in Simon's college fund!

Mom to Be April 09 said...

He is an absolute doll-baby! I loved reading this post because we have been told the same about our attitudes with our daughter(who also has cardiomyopathy) and I think you summed it up really well. I always tell them "you get what you get and you have to roll with it." Getting upset or morbid isn't going to do anyone any good. And I also thought this all must have happened for a reason. Maybe your blog will make a difference in a bunch of people's lives? Maybe I will become an advocate for educating parents on heart problems so they don't go unnoticed until its too late. Maybe our kids will go on to do great things....who knows? But we both will know someday! :) Thanks for the blog!