Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Update

Locations of visitors to this pageHad a really nice 3 day weekend. We have now experienced what happens when the G-tube button gets pulled out. Less scary than expected. On Sunday Laura was getting Simon out of the car seat and the tube caught on the car seat. Simon let out a yelp, Laura yelled "Oh shit" and I tried to keep everyone calm. Simon was actually fine, Laura was a bit rattled and I ran to wash my hands to help. Really, Laura just pushed it back in. It was really quite simple. And gross. EW!

Simon has been crazy happy this weekend. We went out to eat a few times and Simon was THRIILLED. We need an Occupational Therapy fund to take Simon out to eat :-) Still no real eating but definitely playing with food.

He's been sleeping so much better. Like, from 7:30 pm to 7:30 am with *maybe* a squawk in the middle. Sometimes not even that. LOVING IT.
I (Jaime) had a hard couple of days over the weekend emotionally. Not sure what it's all about but some of it was just feeling old feelings I never got around to and some of it was feeling isolated socially.
I think now that the dust has settled, we both have a little more room for the hard feelings. I think I definitely stuffed some things while we had those crazy few weeks of Laura having her surgery and then Simon having his surgery. I was playing it uber cool, like "this is all no big deal and I'm not scared and it's really not that insane, so please, don't YOU freak out" when really I was terrified something horrible was going to happen to Laura. Also to Simon, but more so to Laura- going through her having to go into surgery, stressing about taking work off and taking care of Simon all just felt a little too much like when she had her head injury and I didn't have her there to help me through something really scary and hard. It sucked.
The "fake it 'till you make it" tactic is pretty effective for some things, but it's an old coping mechanism of that doesn't work very well. Not with things of this magnitude and not at this phase in my life. trying to feel all the feelings I couldn't make room for in those few weeks. A word of advice- it's a lot harder to feel them later, so if you ever have to pick, just get it over with.
In really, really great and amazing news- friends of ours who have been trying to have a baby for over 5 years and who recently got approved as foster-adopt parents GOT A BABY! A very special newborn baby named Deshaun Moses now has a very, very loving home with two incredible Moms. YEA!!!!
Here's our little man being super cute with Auntie Alicia.

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Annie said...

These photos are fabulous - and what great news on the baby!!! How exciting for them!