Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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I need to add a few things to our weekend update. Valentines day was pretty sweet with Simon sleeping until 8am. Jaime actually woke up before him! (not me- dead to the world)
We decided to go out for an early brunch to a place that we've never been but clearly should go on such a day. Venus in Berkeley. It was here that Simon showed us that he is clearly a Fitch-Jenett by going right for the good stuff. The little man was let loose with a pat of butter and probably ate at least 1/3 of it. That's a lot of butter for such a little man, especially one that doesn't really eat things by mouth. Of course we left the camera at home so you'll just have to take my word for it. Jaime and I figure that if he needs to eat high calorie foods why mess with the compound foods. We're just going right for the FAT.
Once the little man was down for the evening Jaime and I whipped up a most traditional Valentine's day dinner. Jaime splurged with our Whole Foods gift certificate and got 4 spectacular cheeses, some strawberries which later met their end in melted chocolate, and of course the quintessential Valentine's day Hor's Deuvre Fish sticks with Ketchup. Aaaah yes, laugh if you will but to our sleep deprived, still stressed out selves it was the best meal ever.
On Monday we'd had a great day planned with some friends from our birth class but alas cold and flu season is having it's way with their little one so with great sadness we scrapped our plans (another blog entry about that another time) and went for an early morning dog walk wondering what the day had in store.
Like a bolt of lightning it came to us. Palo Alto. We hadn't seen Mamaw D in days and it had been a lot longer since we'd seen the Aunties (Kris and Judy). With one phone call and a fast pack of some edibles we headed south.
What a lovely visit. Simon was simply thrilled to see every body and shared his love equally spending some great lap time with everybody. He was so frikkin' happy.
I know that the little man will have his fair share of man-time. Jaime and I are committed to it. AND he sure does love spending time with that triumvirate of wise and wonderful women. (yeah I used the word triumvirate).
Even the puppy Barron was feeling the love. It was a delightful visit. Simon was also absolutely entranced with the rain as we drove home, the sound of it against the roof of the car, the dripping down the window, the wind blowing things around....he's into all of it.

Love to all



Fred said...

Hey! If the little man needs some male bonding time...don't hesitate to call me. I can be manly...sometimes, kinda, if i look stern and lower my voice a little :)

xo fred

Sunita said...

Dear Laura and Jaime, So glad to hear Simon is sleeping more and doing better all around. Thanks for all your sharing of wisdom gained and humour and insight. we are thinking of you and looking forward to smoother times when Claudia and Simon can meet up and have a fat-eating-a-thon.
Sending lots of love and hope and strength.
Sunita, Greg and Claudia