Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It just keeps getting better

Not quite on the same scale but still frikkin' awesome.................

Shimmy slept 7 hours straight last night!!!!

That meant that Jaime did too!

Mommy on duty had to get up at midnight and 4am to deliver meds but I'll take it!
It's a good day, a good day.
We're off to meet Jaime at her place of work when the little man wakes up from his morning nap. Got to show the little miracle man off.

Please please please let this be a long climb on this crazy roller coaster with no big dips in sight. AND thank you thank you thank you for all the sweetness as of late.

Two months till he's one year old!! That's crazy. We're thinking just a big old gathering in a park with some grills going and lots and lots of love. Stay tuned- an open invitation will most likely be posted here.


Think Titanic

I'm the King of the World!!


Jen said...

Simon, you ARE the king of the world. I love you.

Eleanor Chrom said...

I think we need 2 birthday celebrations. One for you on his real birthday and the second for all of us who are coming in later for the Passover seder. Can't wait!! SolR and I are leaving fr a short holiday tomorrow at 6 am (our time) so we need some more news before we leave. See you all April 18 - 21Love, Aunt Ellie