Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wait for it....

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My son has Cardiomyopathy.
He spent 4 months in the ICU.
Nearly died twice from bacterial infections.
I had my Gallbladder removed last week.
Simon had G-tube surgery a few days ago.
(Not to mention the motorcycle and horse incidents)
Today, Simon, Roxie, and I got rear- ended on the Freeway!!! (nobody got hurt- although I'm am a little nervous about waking up tomorrow with a wicked neck or backache)
What the hell is going on?
Who or what gods/goddesses have we offended?!
What have I or we done in a past life that has me working some real crap out in this one?
I'm sorry but all I can think about right now is holding up my special finger to the universe and saying "what the fuck?!! Quit it!!

Really, we're all fine save for the rear bumper on the Corolla.
Fuck'n A though.
Oh yeah, and I got my period today.


Jen said...

Ok, not funny at all, but...
kinda. Just a little- really just that last line.
Who could you POSSIBLY have been???

Hmm. Maybe there's a punchline coming.

Maia said...

special finger? gonna have to use that. Glad you're all ok.

Eleanor Chrom said...

Who would have believed it. You're right about the finger Maybe the GM decided that enough was enough. Hope you are all OK. Much Love, Elie & Sol

Krista said...

Wow. That's all I can say.


Eleanor Chrom said...

GM = great mystery ,general manager
I wouldn't even call him a god. Maybe that's why I can't really believe in him.

Fred said...

I think you guys need to start buying lottery tickets NOW! In bulk! Seriously!

Sara said...

Holy crap.

molly said...

Come on.

Sol said...
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