Sunday, January 4, 2009

Photos from the last few days

Locations of visitors to this page

Lovin' the family visits
Yes, I'm doing yet another dental exam on PopPop

Ooops, sorry mom. I didn't mean to throw up on your chin. But hey, that's better than in your mouth right? Count your blessings woman!

I love me some cousins

Oh for cryin' out loud, are we back to this hair style?!

Dim Sum is Grrrreat!

Oooooh Scallion Pancake

Hey this chopstick isn't bad either

I'm french and I stick out my tongue at you

Hey is our table ready yet?

Simon seems to be thriving. Cardiologist appointment on Tuesday. We'll update you of course.
Love to all


andreana clay said...

that's a cute baby you got there!

Elisa said...

He's absolutely gorgeous. I love him in a hat, frames his blue eyes. You are all in our thoughts often.
Warm wishes,
Elisa and Isaac

Fred said...

wow...that's quite a part the little man has! i like the pointy haircut the best...but i'm into pointy haircuts. suppppper glad to hear that you're all doing well...except you of course laura. you're not allowed to "do well"...EVER!!!! sigh. once again taking one, two, three, four for the team!

xo fkz

Annie said...

I love these photos! Keep them coming.

Eleanor Chrom said...

We're so impressed with Simon's progress. Everyone is in California except us. I'm so jealous. Wish we could be there with you. Hope Laura gets her gall bladder taken care of. Keep us informed as to your plans.
Love and Hugs & kisses.
Ellie & Sol

Krista said...

Simon is looking chubby--yay!