Friday, January 2, 2009

Laura sure has a lot of gall...

Locations of visitors to this pagein her gall bladder that's infected and hanging with a gall stone. Seriously. Today Laura was diagnosed with an infected gallbladder and gallstone and has a surgery consult on Monday. Uh huh. That's right. Laura probably needs surgery. Next week.

For cryin' out loud.

I started laughing hysterically tonight when the doctor called back after getting the ultrasound results. Here's what Laura's end of the conversation sounded like:

"You want me to go to the ER tonight and be ADMITTED?"


"Uh huh"


"You're worried about it rupturing?"


"Okay but I'd really rather not"

A long pause while she listened

"Okay, then I'll do the surgery consult Monday and if I'm in severe pain, we'll go right to the ER".

We then filled her prescription for 2 antibiotics and pain meds. The vicodin she had taken a few days ago didn't touch it so they gave her something stronger.

Laura is not writing because we don't want to offend your delicate eyes with the expletives that might come out.

Simon, by the way, is awesome and is now over 18 pounds and can barely see his feet over his huge gut.

After his G-tube surgery, he and Laura can have matching scars on their bellies.

How sweet.


Maia said...

seriously? seriously. you guys. seriously.

AJC said...

dude. i thought we agreed you were done now.

karen said...

criminy buckets!!! my mom had gallstones when i was a baby and it sounds terribly, awfully, well... just as you described.

shiyite! let us dust off our login to your calendar and get on the schedule for some food delivering or errand running for you guys.

big hugs from fred, karen, zu

Eleanor Chrom said...

Can't you let some other needy person make use of the ER !! really.
Good luck and what a sense of relief you will experience once it's out. Thank goodness Mom and Dad are with you as well as ...

all our love, Sol & Ellie.