Friday, January 16, 2009

Out of Surgery

Locations of visitors to this pageI just got a call from the surgeon about 20 minutes ago saying that they were done with the surgery. She said the surgery was a bit difficult because her gall bladder was so inflamed and that she was going to have a drain which means she will be here for an extra night or 2 (so probably going home Sunday.

I made sure to ask if they were still able to do it laparoscopically and she said yes. I would have hugged her if we were in person, because the recovery for non-laparoscopic gall bladder removal is 4-6 weeks instead of 10 days. Uh...big, big difference.

I'm waiting for Laura to get moved from the recovery room to her regular room so I can see her. My Mom is with Simon and is staying over again tonight to take care of him. It's awesome- she's been trained on all his meds, she can work the pump like a pro and she even bought him his first pair of big boy shoes today :-)

Laura and I were talking earlier about how freaking blessed we are. Sometimes it's mindboggling, even with all this crappy medical stuff. We have 6 parents that support us in so many different ways, we have incredible friends and extended family who keep stepping up to the plate, we have had really good experiences with our various hospital and medical teams and we have a beautiful, clever, sweet baby that charms the pants off of everyone he meets.

It could definitely be worse. Okay, so it could definitely be better, but it could sure be worse.

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