Monday, January 12, 2009

Delightful Birthday Weekend

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We had a very sweet Saturday in the mineral pools at the Calistoga spa for my birthday. I had about 15 friends come up to celebrate with a very mellow day lounging in warm water, eating fancy bread and cheese and then going to Taylor's Refresher on the way home for yummy burgers, fries and shakes.

Simon loved being in the water. He did not love staying in a hotel so much. He has had 3 crappy nights sleep with last night taking the prize. He woke up every hour from 8-11 and then about every 15 minutes from 11- 4 am and finally let us sleep a chunk until 5ish.

Not sure if he's teething, growing or just torturing us. We ended up putting him in the bed so we wouldn't have to keep getting up. He wakes up with a screechy cry and is flailing all over the place. His right leg we have named "Devil leg". If he is lying down, awake, it swings in circles, wagging around, thumping anything in its path (which last night included me so at one point I ended up with my head at the end of the bed). His left leg he kept wanting to pull up to his ear, as it was in utero. Cute, annoying little baby. Oh yeah, and Laura's gall bladder started acting up again, so we were managing the fussy baby with her blitzed out on pain meds. We started laughing about the whole thing at about 4 am.

Hope we get some sleep tonight!


Annie said...

Okay, no more croissant and bacon for Laura! Now I feel terrible for showing up with all that butter.

Jen said...

Laura Fitch.
Take care of your gallbladder or I will kick your ass. Love, Jen