Tuesday, November 25, 2008

photos from home

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Here are some photos from the last couple of days.

Simon meet Bacon. Bacon meet Simon

And a new great love affair has begun

Lookin' Good In Pink

The onesie says it all

Add the leg warmers and Richard Simmons Watch Out!!
Still working things out with meds and naps and outings and such.

Our cardiologist visit today was smooth with no big surprises or changes ('cept for Simon's weight which was nicely up).

Thanks to all for the inquiries of how best to support us. However you can, the answer is yes, we'll take it.

It's a time of huge Thanks Giving. We give lots and lots of thanks for all of you.
I'll (Laura) write more when I feel like it won't come out like a tidal wave and crash the blogspot server.
Love to all.


Jen said...

I love him so much. Richard Simmons outfit and all.

Polly said...

You are not right, dressing that boy up like that. Oh yeah, neither am I. You go bacon boy. I will share my bacon with you anytime at the staff table and I don't make that offer to anyone.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those legwarmers with the onsie are the bee's knees.

Sol said...

That's the beautiful thing about bacon. So selfless. It gives so much happiness to so many people and yet it never asks anything for itself.