Friday, November 28, 2008

I Knew I Felt At Home For Some Reason...

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Okay, Shimmy woke up REALLY early this morning and I went on the CHO website to putz around while he played in his saucer.

Reading the "About Us" section, I found this:

In 1912, Mabel Weed and Bertha Wright, a nurse, founded Children's Hospital, then called the "Baby Hospital." Its first home was the stable of the old McElrath mansion. Today, with 191 licensed beds,Children's Hospital's medical center offers outstanding patient care,and also supports nationally recognized pediatric teaching andresearch. (

All my red flags went up about 2 women of that era doing a venture like this together with no mention of a husband so I typed in the two founders' names and the word "lesbian". Look what I found!

Bertha Wright (1876-1971), known as the West Coast's Lillian Wald and Jane Addams, pioneered public health nursing in California in the first decades of the twentieth century. Her life partner was social worker Mabel Weed. They lived together for over 40 years, adopting and raising three children and providing foster care for many more.

How awesome is that? I love it.

Had a pretty mellow day today. Went on a dog walk and on the way home, Simon was in a stellar mood and decided, after some prodding, to show me his teeth. He has a chapped upper lip which looks deceivingly like a tooth but you can see the two little nubbins on the bottom.

I tried a number of variations on the "Show Me Your..." command including one often heard during Mardi Gras. It brought chuckles from the front seat AND the car seat.

We had Alex and Jake from our birth group come over and we had a nice time. Roxie thought Jake was another puppy and tried to clean his ears:

Karen, Fred and Zuzu also came over and brought yummy Thanksgiving leftovers. It was very sweet.

Turns out MCT oil is not the source of all evil. Simon booted all over the place today even with no oil. Not quite as much as he has been, but MCT is not the lynchpin, evidently. Also, I never really thought I'd use San Pellegrino to flush nasty crud out of my baby's NG tube. Gross. Effective. Thank god for cases of it at Costco.

I have been remiss- weeks ago I promised one of our favorite nurses, Kathy, that I'd post a picture of her puppy Brutus on the site and ask for good thoughts for both of them. Brutus has cancer of the tongue, I believe, and will probably need to be put down soon :-( We're hoping for very sweet time until that point, a quick passing and comfort for Kathy when that day comes. She's had Brutus since he was an itty bitty puppy and I can only imagine how hard that is. Big love for Kathy and Brutus please!

p.s. yes, Kathy is that hot in person.

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