Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby Sitting in the ICU

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So Auntie Dre and Auntie Joan told Jaime and I that they would babysit for Simon and that we should go out for dinner. Two things happened.

ONE: Jaime and I decided to go out to A Cote in Oakland. It's one of our favorite restaurants and we've gone there for many a celebration. It's also the last place that we went out to with Shimmy. We took G'Pa Bruce there for his birthday in the early part of the summer and Simon had a blast! He was the belle of the ball, making googly eyes with our servers, the hostess, and every table within 6 ft of ours. We chose A Cote tonight because it held such sweet memories for us. While we were there I asked for a comment card and decided to to relay the above story and essentially thank them for the wonderful service, the wonderful food, and holding such a wonderful memory for us during this difficult time. Our server Lydia (who I also think was a manager) was fabulous but a little busy and at the end of the meal we were feeling a little rushed to get back to the hospital before baby-sitting/visiting hours were over. Jaime walked up to Lydia with our credit card explaining that we needed to get back to the hospital. Lydia said that she understood but didn't need the credit card. Yeah, she comped us the entire meal.

I couldn't quite tell what was happening only that Jaime was hugging our server and coming back to the table crying. After hearing that. I too had a good cry and unfortunately for A Cote, we both walked out of the restaurant bawling our eyes out.

If you live in the Bay Area, please patronize this most amazing establishment. Culinarily speaking you will not be sorry.

I won't write about how I had a completely irrational response to this most amazing gift as we were crying at our table. I was looking an amazing gift horse in the mouth thinking "I don't want any more gifts!! I would give all this incredible generosity, all the food deliveries, all the dog walks, all of it back just to have Shimmy at home and healthy." It lasted just a powerful second and then I was back in the moment of feeling grateful but it was there. I had it.

I still love Lydia and A Cote.

AND TWO: Jaime and I returned to Bed #22 to find Simon sleeping peacefully in Auntie Dre's arms. But there was this...captured on film.

Yes, that's lipstick Dre is putting on Simon...

Wow...blackmail material. Lipstick from Auntie Dre and a little treat from Folsom Street fair from Nurse Jordan.

All tuckered out

Nuff said.

Other than that it's been another simple and stable day at CHO. After more puking yesterday and early this morning we reduced Simon's formula from 27Kcal formula back down to 24. I think the 27 was just too rich for him and already he's mellowed some with the gagging and puking. Mamaw D was here for almost the entire day and I got to go home and walk Roxie in the late afternoon. Shimmy's heart rate is beautifully low when he's sleeping and well within normal ranges when he's awake. Granted he's on some powerful heart medications but still...he's at least getting the chance to grow in to it and not have it be stressed or dilated even more.

On a last note, it's the Jewish New Year and aside from it being a wonderful time to think about fresh starts, it's also a time to eat Challah and Auntie Joan made the most delicious one I think I've ever tasted.

Sweetness to everyone.


andreana clay said...

that was SO my (our) pleasure. that's joan putting the lipstick on by the way...i would never!
he was such a sport and i laughed so hard the whole time then we tuckered out. please, please anytime! xoxox

Fresh Ground Knits said...

that's just adorable!

Debra said...

Shana tovah v'metukah. A sweet, happy and HEALTHY new year for you all. It is said that these 10 days are a particularly powerful time for prayer as the gates are open. I'll be working the jewish juju for you all.

Joanilla said...

Sending all my hopes to Simon and you for all the sweetness of this new year. xoJoan (and, by proxy, Toby)

Elizabeth said...

La Shana Tova, and may Simon's healing be written into the Book of Life for the coming year, along with lots of gifts TOO. You are all amazing and wonderful. We hope to be by with food one of these days . . .

Elisa said...

Shana tovah v'metukah you are in our thoughts often and we're keeping up with the blog daily...
x's and o's
Elisa and Isaac