Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This weekend we went to Camp Keshet, a family camp for Jewish LGBT families that's part of Camp Tawonga.

 It. Was. Amazing.

We were supposed to go last year, but the Yosemite rim fire led to them having to cancel camp (the camp ended up being basecamp for the fire fighters).  The level of destruction all around the camp was stupendous and the camp itself was idyllic and lush.  It was really intense to feel like we were in Eden and surrounded by what is essentially a 200 mile forest graveyard.

Camp.  Camp was...mindblowingly great.  Simon was adored.  We were relaxed.  Friends were reconnected with and new ones made.  Worries about future surgeries were banished.  The food was awesome. The singing raucus.  The Shabbat service in the woods so beautiful I cried and cried. The fact that a whole camp was directed by and staffed by majority straight people was heartbreaking in the best way.  Allyship taken to a totally new level.  It felt totally radical.

Don't even quite have words, so I'll let the photos tell the story.

Simon with Charlie, the first staffer he charmed

A pre-swim snuggle


Spent HOURS on this stage orating to whomever would listen

Getting ready to fish in the lake/pond

Learning to cast off

Ticklefest by the pond
Shabbat Services

Reading the Torah
Boy time! 
More boy time

Family time

Walking to the river


Family on the trail

Playing dinos with a favorite counselor

In the boat with his one true love, Lily

A little fancy dancing

Ready for action

All packed up and ready to go with his Huck Finn pack

Birthday chair dance

SOOO thrilled to see Jhos (the rabbi that married us)

Adoring fans

Wiped out with a filthy mug

A little goat petting on the way home

You know who you look like??
This is why we will send Simon to Camp Tawonga.  This. 


Laura Perry said...

That looks completely amazing. I'm so glad you had such a good time.

Melanie Jones said...

AWESOME. Loved looking at all these and feeling what an incredible time you all had!!!! TERRIFIC!!!!

Unknown said...

Excellent celebration of Keshet!! Where did you see that manifesto? I love that too - both as a trans dad and as the father of a son. Loved getting to know your family better and having some quality time together doing enamel on copper during adult floats.

D'vorah Grenn said...

What fabulous pics ! Wonderful that you could go this year :)